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1 Hour to 1 Day Get-A-Way's

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  • go for a drive in a neighborhood you want to live in
  • take a bath with the works
  • sit on a swing at a park
  • join a gym
  • plan a weekend trip - camping, fishing etc.
  • read a book under a really cool tree
  • take up an indoor hobby - painting, needlepoint, woodworking etc.
  • take a class on "how-to"
  • sit have have yourself a great meal
  • make an organized list of your goals
  • plan on re-decorating a room
  • make a list of how you would spend $1 million dollars
  • subscribe to a magazine and take the time to read it
  • do a puzzle or word game
  • get a manicure or your hair styled
  • volunteer, volunteer, volunteer - somewhere - anywhere
  • start a good health regime
  • take pictures of what motivates you and hang them








Quotes are a great way to motivate yourself or others. When we use quotes in our dialogue or in presentations we show people that we have learned from the wisdom of others and that we believe in what we are saying. We're not just sharing our opinion, it is how other's feel as well. So keep the wisdom of the past alive and recite some motivational quotes today.


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