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It's easy to Start, Run and Profit from your very own website.

Weather you already have your own website or you are thinking about starting one, I have some great resources for you. And I will tell you how to get the very best tools and information to make your site a success.

7 Steps To A Successful Site

Relax! I'm not trying to sell you some get rich quick program. This is free information that I have put together for you.

First you need to know the 3 simple rules to web success:

  1. Have a great site.

  2. Get targeted traffic to your site.

  3. Get people to buy something.

This may sound simple (because it is simple) but be warned it is not a fast way to make a buck. You must do the work and that takes time. Time and persistence are the keys, not lots of upfront cash.

Having an upfront plan is vital to your success.

You should take the time to plan your site before you start to build it. This may seem like simple or even obvious advice, but you would be surprised how little effort some people put up front.

Why start your own website?

Really what is it that you are looking to accomplish?

  • To share your life with others

  • To promote a special interest

  • To have some fun

  • To learn more about the internet

  • Something to keep you away from the brain robbing T.V.

  • To make some extra cash

  • Or is it to earn a living from home to make your life stress free and to enjoy your time on this planet without that creepy boss and that dreadful commute?

Whatever your reasons are just remember: anything worth doing is worth doing right. And the right way of doing something is to first be educated about it before you embark on it.

I mean come on, would you go skydiving without being informed as to how to do it first? (that was a rhetorical question)

Here is my list of the 11 things that you must do to succeed.

  1. Learn the ropes

  2. Find a topic that's right for you

  3. Find a good company to host your site

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  5. Choose the right name for your site

  6. Build a great site

  7. Make the site easy to use and navigate

  8. Offer lots of free information

  9. Get people to come to your site

  10. Make your visitors want to return

  11. If you sell products present them as solutions to peoples problems.

  12. You must have great customer service

  13.   null

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#8 is the most difficult and the most important and needs some very special attention for internet success.

The first thing people usually do is pick a name for their site. Unfortunately the first mistake most people make is picking the wrong name for their site. This is why an upfront plan is so important.

If you follow the rules stated above and put a lot of time and a little money into your plan you will succeed in the internet world.

Take the time to check out the information that you get by clicking on each of the rules. The time you spend now may save an untold amount of time later.

Don't ever get discouraged. Trial and error are both key elements to your success. If you do find yourself falling into a slump always go back over your plan and make the necessary adjustments. Also you can stay motivated by watching our free weekly video.

Regardless if your site is for business or pleasure the most important thing to remember is that the world is at your finger tips, have fun enjoy your work and celebrate your progress.

I wish you great success.


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