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Think about it. What are your goals?

  • Get in shape

  • Live healthier

  • Make more money

  • Develop more intimate relationships

If you said yes to any of these questions than the
"The Motivational Muse"
has exactly what you need.

Each issue contains:

  • The Motivational Minute

  • The  "Motivator"

  • The Motivational Message

  • The Motivational Memo

The Motivational Minute:  
  Our 60 second video. Watch online right from your computer. Just click on the play video button and start watching as author and international motivational speaker Nancy McFadden M.A. presents the most intriguing questions and solutions to your daily struggles. Get and stay motivated with time honored tips and simple yet outrageously beneficial suggestions from this fabulous presenter.

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The "Motivator":  
  We have all heard great minds of the past and present, share their wisdom in simple 1 or 2 line quotes that inspire others. We take simple yet effective quotes and break them down to their core then we share how they apply to you in every way and everyday. You will not only be able to recite these great quotes you will know exactly how to apply the message in order to fully inspire yourself to achieve all your goals.

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The Motivational Message:  
  Designed to not only inspire but to also educate we have taken motivation to the next level. Now you can expand your vocabulary to include inspiring and motivating words that the English language has to offer. When friends, co-workers and clients hear you reciting success driven inspirational dialogue they will know that you are undoubtedly committed to achieving the most out of your life.

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The Motivational Memo:  
  We know the Internet is a great place for resources. Some are just a little harder to find than others. We put together a few links to some of the best places on the net. We know we don't have the answer to every question on our site, so we send you to the sites that can solve your every need.

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