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Sports Quotes 1
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Never bet on baseball.
Pete Rose
1942-, American Baseball Player, Manager

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.
Hank Aaron
1934-, American Baseball Player

A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team. It makes the most of every crew member's talent and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity to speed up service.
David Ogilvy
1911-, American Businessman, Advertising Expert


Books had instant replay long before televised sports.
Bert Williams

Business is a combination of war and sport.
Andre Maurois
1885-1967, French Writer

Cards are war, in disguise of a sport.
Charles Lamb
1775-1834, British Essayist, Critic

There is a syndrome in sports called ''paralysis by analysis.''
Arthur Ashe
1943-1993, African-American Tennis Player


The sports page records people's accomplishments, the front page usually records nothing, but man's failures.
Earl Warren
1891-1974, American Politician, Judge

True disputants are like true sportsman: their whole delight is in the pursuit.
Alexander Pope
1688-1744, British Poet, Critic, Translator

In the great department store of life, baseball is the toy department.

I think there are only three things America will be known for 2, 000 years from now when they study this civilization: the Constitution, jazz music and baseball.
Gerald Early
1952-, American Author

You're probably not a member of a major league baseball team, your errors, unless they are truly spectacular, don't show up in the morning paper.
Jane Goodsell

Studio executives are intelligent, brutally overworked men and women who share one thing in common with baseball managers: they wake up every morning of the world with the knowledge that sooner or later they're going to get fired.
William Goldman
1931-, American Author


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