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 presented by author / motivational speaker Nancy McFadden M.A.

Thoughts on the Concept of “Forgiveness” and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Although the topic of ‘forgiveness’ is not common in everyday conversation or perhaps in our conscious everyday thoughts, the subject matter is worth considering on different levels; an effort, which will be made in this presentation.

For instance, ‘forgiveness’ can be appraised on an emotional level; a spiritual level; a purely physical level; or by virtue of influencing or expanding knowledge - an intellectual level.

     For the sake of clarity, we will consider ‘forgiveness’ as a personal and present challenge, which is “accepting responsibility for your life; releasing blame and the judgement of others”.

     Immense personal beauty and opportunity live beneath old emotional scars. To move beyond the focus on the scars and into a healing process, each person must decide to relinquish any anger, bitterness, blame, resentment or hostility toward others or Self and commit to freeing themselves from the emotional and spiritual bondage that holding on to old pain entails. There is no room for bitterness and joy; blame/resentment and love; or hostility and gentleness to co-exist. The decision to be free to experience and enjoy love, joy, peace or gentleness demands a release of negative memories and their embraced impact. You remain committed to the past and all of its consequences as long as you live in that experience. To be able to live in the ‘now’ it is imperative that you leave the past behind. To accomplish this is to decide.

Today, few of us are unaware of the power of the unconscious mind and the ability of one-self to create a life based on one’s particular destiny – however imagined. To become more clear, in relation to who you actually are, and to rid your Self of the messages that others have implanted, it is imperative that each person decides to own responsibility for Self and self-development. Since old wounds created by painful circumstances often keep us in emotional and spiritual bondage, lending itself to physical illness


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