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Nancy is an international speaker and “LifeSkills” coach, who developed programs for corporations such as Daimler/Chrysler as well as international organizations such as Parents Without Partners. Borders Books and Music of South Florida bill her as their most featured author in 2002.

  She has appeared on numerous radio and TV talk shows in the United States and Canada.

  Nancy brings a lifetime of education, motivation and enthusiasm, coupled with experience, insight and a desire to inspire, into every presentation.

The Lifeskills Series Set

5 audio seminars on Cassette or CDs

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  Building Self Esteem

Self-esteem is directly responsible for the degree of success you experience in your daily life.

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  Disagree Effectively

In this seminar, you will learn the techniques of constructive disagreement and the ability to recognize and manage destructive argumentation.

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  Being Assertive Not Aggressive

This seminar is designed to enhance your ability to make all your needs, wants and limitations clearly known without becoming enmeshed in hostile, competitive or aggressive encounters.

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  Achieving Goals

This dynamic seminar will provide you with the skills to become a self-reliant, successful and powerful person.

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  Strategies For Success

This exciting workshop will guide you through the step by step procedures designed to lift you beyond wishful thinking and to take you into a realistic process of behavioral traits and self-messages guaranteed to dramatically change your life.

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Generally speaking we all want love, joy and success. The reason we miss creating these outcomes is because we do not know the steps to take and more importantly we do not realize what is preventing us from creating a wholesome, happy, successful life. This book brings to you the information and inspiration that will support your journey into a flourishing, personal/professional and spirtually expanded life. It will guide you into a mind-set that can change your entire life.

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